Professional Painters for the Lake Stevens Area Residential Community


Buildings need to look great. One way of making a residential building look terrific is an amazing paint job. To get fantastic painting work done, professional painters are the answer. Professional painters ensure that great painting work is done on any residential property.

Hiring a house painting contractor will help any house look stylish with great painting. We serve customers in the Lake Stevens area with high-quality professional painters for any painting needs.

At NW Paint Pros, we provide only professional painters. We have professional painters who serve the Lake Stevens, WA area who’ll do any painting:

  • Highly qualified painters
  • Experienced painters
  • Licensed painters

We offer great, reliable painters. We have the right painter for any painting job in the Lake Stevens area.

House Painting in the Lake Stevens Area - Interior and Exterior House Painting


House painting is not just a matter of applying paint. It should be done in a proper manner so as to enhance the aesthetic value of the house and to protect the building. With a house painting contractor, homeowners can get house painting done.

A house painting contractor will provide quality painting, including interior and exterior house painting. Exterior house painting will enhance the outward look of the house and offer extra protection for the house while interior will protect the inner portion of the house, adding style and elegance.

For great interior and exterior painting in the Lake Stevens area, we’ll arrange for a house painting contractor who will do:

  • Full house painting
  • Texture coating
  • Pressure washing

We can handle all interior and exterior painting needs.

Residential Painting Contractor for Lake Stevens Area Residents


We offer Lake Stevens area residents a house painting contractor who will perform all painting jobs. If only a a specific color will do, or the homeowners have a specific design in mind of how the home needs to be painted, we can guarantee the right home painting contractor.

Our home painting contractor will perform all painting jobs for residents according to their specifications, so our customers will get quality results in the Lake Stevens area. We offer the following:

  • A reliable house painting contractor
  • A house painting contractor who will clean and restore your house for painting
  • An experienced house painting contractor

We have what homeowners need to get a quality painting job done in the Lake Stevens area. (360) 294-8698